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9+ Best and Free CSS3 Hamburger Drop Down Menu Tutorials


Hamburger menu is also known as the menu button or option button. Hamburger is a button placed in the top left or top right of the webpage. Structure of the hamburger is it consists of three parallel horizontal lines. As soon as this menu is clicked option within the hamburger menu will pop up. You can [...]


Best Alternative Online Playground Code and Sharing Tools for HTML, CSS and JS

Inspiration, Web Tutorials
Alternate Online playground code share tools

Online playground coding is an excellent way to help the coders to view the results of their code in a real-time. CSS, HTML, JavaScript codings are typed in separate panes and the result will be displayed in a separate pane. All the coding will come together to display the result. In this post, we bring [...]


4 Most needed WordPress Tips and Tricks on Images and SVGs

Wordpress Tricks

In this post, we bring out some WordPress tips and tricks on images and SVGs.  Tricks like Compressing images without reducing the quality, adding video thumbnails in Wordpress, SEO tips in Image Optimization and adding SVG images in WordPress without using code are discussed in this article. This kind of tips and tricks will boost the [...]


10+ Best SVG Title and Image Hover Effects Free Tutorial


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is nothing but an XML-based vector image format with animation. SVG is developed by World Wide Web Consortium. SVG images can be created as well as can be edited. SVG images are defined in XML text files so that they can be compressed. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google [...]


9+ Best and Free UI/UX Signup forms using CSS3


Signup form helps the new users to register them to any of the social networks or any of the websites. Signup is designed in various styles. Using CSS3 signup form are designed with good looking styles. Usually, signup forms consist of Name, Username, Contact no, Password etc. To make the signup forms more attractive for [...]


10+ Free Radial, Circular and Percentage animation CSS3 Tutorial

CSS3, JQuery

Progress animation bar is progress indicators which are available in various formats and designs. To attract the user's various designs are available. Users can customize their own needed designs for their websites. Some of the animated progress bars are Radial, Circular, Percentage bars. In this post, we bring out the animated progress bars which can [...]