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Always menu refers to a popular section in every website. Without food there is nothing, same as without menu website is nothing. Now most of the site has a “three line” symbol as a symbol to initiate menus. To decrease the space of the menu, most of the web designers/developers pointing out the menus hidden and visible by clicking this three line symbol. It reduces the space also gives animate feel to show/hide the menus. Normally there are many predefined Icon fonts to call this three line symbol but most of the designers love to do this three line symbol by their own with CSS/CSS3/Java script. So for the one who loves to design something like three line symbol by their own, I planned to suggest some tutorials with different effects. Let us see some of them.

#1 Hamburger Menu Inspiration

Hamburger Menu Inspiration

Free Tutorial

If you are going to use the menu to change when you hover on to the three line symbol then it’s the best tutorial for you. This Menu was designed with SCSS.

#2 CSS Hamburger

CSS Hamburger

Free Tutorial

Here is something usually seen in many sites that could be your loved one. If yes, then move forward and check the tutorial. This Menu was designed purely by CSS.

#3 Extra Menu Toggle

Extra   Menu Toggle

Free Tutorial

This Menu is simply called as Menu Toggle Mock and was designed by both CSS (LESS) and three line Java script.

#4 Subtle Bouncy Navigation

Subtle Bouncy Navigation

Free Tutorial

This three line menu was something different with bouncing effect and was designed with Haml, CSS (SCSS) and Java Script.

#5 Material Design Menu Button

Material Design Menu Button

Free Tutorial

Material Design are nowadays playing a vital role in web designing was introduced by google. And in this tutorial the code was well explained on how to design a three line symbol with material design.

#6 Animated CSS Menu Icon

Animated CSS Menu Icon

Free Tutorial

Rotating animated CSS Menu Icon was designed with SASS and Java Script.

#7 Hamburger Menu Open/Close Animation

Hamburger menu open close animation

Free Tutorial

Here is another Animation open/close menu with really super cool effect.

#8 Simple Pulldown/hamburger menu

Simple pulldown hamburger menu

Free Tutorial

In this tutorial you can try making responsive version with CSS and Java Script.

#9 Animated CSS Hamburger Menu Icon

Animated CSS Hamburger Menu Icon

Free Tutorial

Here is another rotating Animated Hamburger Menu with CSS and Java Script.

#10 Scalable Animated CSS menu button

Scalable animated css menu button

Free Tutorial

In this tutorial you can create a scalable animated menu using SCSS.

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