10+ Free Responsive Sticky Navigation Menu using CSS3 and Jquery

CSS3, JQuery

Sticky navigation is a website menu which is locked into place. So the menu will not get disappear when the user scrolls the page down. The user can access the menu anywhere in the website without scrolling. Sticky navigation can be applied to social media buttons and also footer. Normal Navigation bar lacks in this option, where the user needs to scroll to the top of the website. This post gives the idea of top 10 + free navigation sticky bar using CSS and jQuery.

On Scroll Header Effects:

on scroll header effects


On Scroll Header Effects is a type of a sticky navigation bar. The name itself tells the feature of the navigation bar. If the scroll down the website the header menu will never get disappear. This will help user not to scroll up to view the header menu.

Fixed Navigation Bar:



The fixed navigation bar will appear on top. This top navigation bar will appear to the user only after moving below the header navigation. This sticky navigation bar will appear while moving below the header navigation bar and will disappear only when moving to the top of the header navigation.

Animated sticky header:



The animated sticky header is a type of navigation bar which shows some kind of animation. The animated sticky header is created at the top of the website pages and it will animate when it is scroll down beyond the header section. It will return to its original state after the animation. There is an option that the users can add the menu item to it.

Animated Resizing Header:

Animated Resizing Header On Scroll


The animated resizing header is nothing but the header will get resize when it is scrolled. When the user scrolls down the website initially the header will be in small fixed size but when it is scrolled down the page it get resized that is the header will change from small to larger size. Later when the user returns to the top of the page the header also will change to its original fixed size.

Jquery Sticky Sidebar:



Jquery Sticky Sidebar is a navigation bar which will entirely change the header menu when the user scrolls beyond the header and turns to its normal header when the user scrolls back to the top. Users can modify the sticky menu bar as their wish.

Position: sticky:



Position sticky is a new trend similar to fixed sticky navigation bars. The difference in the position: sticky is that the position of the header is relative so that the header will move till the given position. By adding position: relative the user scrolls the item to be fixed in some pixels. At that pixel, it will become fixed.

Sticky Navigation without the Awkward jump:



Sticky Navigation is a navigation bar which is used normally that when the user scrolls the page the navigation bar sticks at the top. But the Sticky navigation without the awkward jump is somehow varied to sticky navigation. Here initially the navigation bar looks like a normal page but when the user starts scrolling it becomes a navigation bar.

Vertical Navigation Bar:

jQuery Vertical Navigation Demo


Vertical navigation is a jQuery based navigation bar. The name itself tells the feature of the navigation bar. Here the navigation menu is sticky at the left side of the webpage. The coding is written in the jQuery.

Sticky Slider Navigation:

Sticky Slider Navigation Responsive


Sticky slider navigation is an entirely different navigation bar when compared to other sticky navigation bars. Slider navigation bars consists slides in column format. Each menu bar will be displayed in the slider. When each slider is moved its region related content will be displayed.

Sticky navigation with jquery and bootstrap:



In this sticky navigation bar, jQuery and bootstrap are used. Sticky navigation sticks to the top of the web page when the user starts scrolling beyond the header. The menu bar is available at the center of the web page. When the user starts scrolling it will make the menu bar to stick at the top of the web page. And it will come to its original position when the user scrolls back to the top.

Fixed navigation with bootstrap:

Fixed navbar by scrolling the page


The fixed navigation bar is nothing but the menu bar is fixed at the top while scrolling. When the user scrolls down the web page the menu bar will move to the top of the page and be fixed. It comes to its original position only when the user scrolls back to the top. This fixed navigation menu bar is written in bootstrap.

Fancy sticky navigation jQuery plugin with anchor link highlighting:



To make the sticky navigation bar more attractive for the users this type of navigation designs are implemented using jQuery. This navigation bar has the special feature of highlighting the menu. While scrolling down the web page when the particular menu is reached the sticky navigation for that particular menu will be highlighted. This will make the users more attractive to use this kind of navigation bars.

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