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Input Fields are seen in Search Boxes, Email Subscription forms, Contact forms, Login Registration forms and some other too. Developers or site owners (with designing skill) can plan for different animated text fields for the site to look different from others. Keeping this in mind, I planned to search some of the best inspiration text input effects in google and find out some useful input text field effects from various sites. Check it out and share your comment below by saying which one is the better of your loved one.

#1 Animated Float Labels using Jquery and CSS3

Animating float labels using jQuery

Free Download

In this example, you can see the label of the input field jump above the text field one by one with animated effect when placing your cursor on it. It looks really cool and interesting.

#2 Inspiration for Text Input Fields


Free Download

In this example, the provider shared a variety of input text field animation with variety of transformation. If you check out the demo of the example, you can see 10+ different animated transformations that will really impress you. Even I am planning to implement these effects in my products.

#3 Fancy Animated Input Field

Fancy Animated Input Field

Free Download

In this example, the designer focuses various propagations in the text field. Some of the effects are bounce, fadeIn, fadeInDown, fadeInUp, fadeInLeft, fadeInRight, flash, jello, lightSpeedIn, pulse, rollin, rotateIn, rotateInDownLeft, rotateInDownRight and so on. These are done using CSS (SCSS) and Jquery.

#4 Animated Input Labels with Pure CSS/CSS3


Free Download

This example is a CSS/CSS3 (SASS) based animated text fields. The label (placeholder) shown by default and when user moves the cursor and place it in the input field, the label will starts moving to the top of the text field and when user starts typing, only the letters roll clean and readable form rather the placeholder shrinks smaller and text fades. So, the typing text will looks neat.

#5 Material Login Form


Free Download

This example was an optional one with Jade code using SCSS. As we are discussing about animated Input field, I optionally choose this one in this article. Anyways it may be users, have a look.

#6 Minimal Form Interface

Minimal Form Interface

Free Download

This is an example of step by step information to the button that shows only one question at a time. This is simply called as progress bar with entering a correct data and proceeding to the next step. It’s a simple form type interface and its user friendly.

#7 Fancy Textbox Animations using Jquery

Fancy Textbox Animations using jQuery

Free Download

Hardcore programmers can take some time to do this animation input text field but for the less knowledge programmers cannot. So the provider does adding this 3D effect input text field as an article. Really we need to appreciate the developer sharing some wonderful 3D effect input text field. Check the demo and it may be yours.

#8 Animated Input Field using Pure CSS3


Free Download

Here is a simple concept of animated input field using pure CSS3. This example shows us when user places the cursor, the label moves to the top with some quick animated effect.

#9 Animated Input Fields


Free Download

This is also an optional one same as Inspiration effect #2 without Jquery.

Final Thoughts:

As we shared some Best Animated Input Text Fields from various providers, we think this article would be very useful for you. We are waiting to see some comments on which one is interesting.

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