15+ Free CSS and Jquery Popup Light box Plugins

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Here we are focusing some sets of CSS and Jquery Popup boxes which can be used in your site. The idea sharing those lightbox is due to some animatic effect on clicking on image or text. Many site owners love such a popup lightbox to covers their site, so we love to share most beautiful and easy coded lightbox modal to you for free.

1. Popup/Gallery Lightbox plugin

Simple jQuery Popup   Gallery Lightbox Demos(1)

Demo & Free Download

Do you wish to display a DOM elements to be display like gallery lightbox, then it is an apt plugin for you to use it on your site. Dom in the sense image and non image objects.

2. Nifty Modal Window Effects

Nifty Modal Window Effects(2)

Demo & Free Download

Do you have an idea of inspiration? This modal window effect plugin does that with lot of ideas with you. Just have a look and you will find out some transition appearance.

3. Responsive Lightbox Jquery Plugin

flipLightBox   Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin(3)

Demo & Free Download

Flip Open and Flip close functionality is added in this Responsive Lightbox and its an unique functionality compares with others.

4. Multipurpose Jquery Gallery & Lightbox Plugin

jQuery Lumos Plugin Demos(4)

Demo & Free Download

There are two options that can be used in this plugin one with single image lightbox or grouped image lightbox.

5. Tiny Responsive LightBox Gallery

jQuery Viewbox Plugin Demos(6)

Demo & Free Download

Here is another Responsive Lightbox for large size images. The main key features are displaying full size image in pop up box, navigating with previous and next arrows and auto resizable image in responsive viewport.

6. Popup Image loader

Popup Image Loader(7)

Demo & Free Download

Its very simple popup image loader with simple previous next arrows and close button.

7. Responsive Touch Enabled Jquery image Lightbox

jQuery Simple Lightbox Plugin Demo(8)

Demo & Free Download

Here you can create image lightbox and gallery lightbox with some good features with responsive and touch friendly, image preloading and loading spinner, css3 animations and keyboard/touch swipe navigation.

8. Pure CSS Modal box

Pure CSS modal box(9)

Demo & Free Download

Do you need your lightbox should work only with CSS, then its an apt for you.

9. Fullscreen Lightbox Style Gallery Plugin

jQuery jBox Plugin Basic Demo(10)

Demo & Free Download

The name itself you can find that the image thumbnails will load in a full width concept. Also, its an responsiveness, touch-enabled and navigation.

10. CSS Modal

CSS Modal(11)

Demo & Free Download

Uses only LESS CSS.

11. Simple Image Gallery Lightbox Plugin

jQuery jzBox Plugin Demo(12)

Demo & Free Download

Jzbox is a simple and unobstrusive jquery image viewer plugin specially designed for group of images as a lightbox gallery.

12. Jquery Modal Popup Plugin

bPopup    A jQuery modal popup plugin(13)

Demo & Free Download

bPopup jquery plugin is a lightweight cross browser plugin will do all opening, closing and navigating events.

13. Fullscreen Responsive Gallery Lightbox plugin

jQuery SimpleLightbox Plugin Example(14)

Demo & Free Download

Here you can display large images in a fullscreen tiled Photo gallery when you click on thumbnail.

14. Responsive & Touch Friendly Jquery Gallery Lightbox

jQuery lightweightLightbox Plugin Demo(15)

Demo & Free Download

Light gallery plugin has two different slide/fade transition animations with infinite looping. Also it supports major cross browsers with image captions, descriptions, keyboard navigation, mouse navigation etc.

15. Amazing CSS3 Effect Jquery Lightbox

jQuery fancy Box 2 Demos(16)

Demo & Free Download

A perfect CSS3 and Jquery lightbox with integrated slideshow, responsive design, css3 effects such as shadows, round corners, transitions etc.

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