11+ Free Responsive Navigation Menu using CSS3 and Jquery

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We hope you could find some useful CSS3 Responsive Dropdown Menus from the below collections. There are many tutorials from various experts clearly explained in their websites, but I have chosed some best tutorials which includes creative and necessity Responsive Menus for your sites.

Let us see the collections from various experts,

1. Responsive Multi-Level Menu

Responsive Multi Level Menu

Demo & Free Download

This Responsive menu was specially designed for lot of contents and sub-levels. The sub-levels are specified in separate animation classes. The total structure of the menu contains arbitrary number of sub-lists used easily in a responsive layout.

2. Pure CSS transition effects

Pure Drawer

Demo & Free Download

This has lot of nice features includes 14 different cool effects with drawer layouts. No Javascript is used in this menus.

3. Pure CSS Off-Screen Menu


Demo & Free Download

Its same as #2, but with one functionality. If you are planning to use with left top off-screen menu, then you can choose this one rather than #2.

4. Full Width Responsive Tiled Menu

Making a Full Width Responsive Tiled Menu with CSS3   jQuery

Demo & Free Download

This is a cool tiled menu with trendy flat design creative display of navigation. It includes both CSS3 and Javascript functionality.

5. Responsive Menu with CSS and Jquery

Creating a Reponsive Menu with HTML   CSS  Demo    Inspirational Pixels

Demo & Free Download

Do you want to tweak your mobile responsive? Have a look over this responsive menu with Html, CSS and Jquery.

6. Trunk Js Responsive Menu

Trunk js   A Responsive Web Solution

Demo & Free Download

See the live example functionality of Trunk.js in Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices. These three are simply called here by Butter Smooth, Lightweight and Responsive. You may like this even with the live working functionality.

7. Canvas Navigation


Demo & Free Download

Canvas Navigation with animation effect on clicking the toggle menu button which gives some additional inspiration effects.

8. Toggle Navigation


Demo & Free Download

Menu which expands according to vertical toggling.  From the tutorial, you can see only the working functionality of Desktop, but when you check out in Tablets or any responsive devices, the functionality works fine.

9. Responsive Navigation menu


Demo & Free Download

See a clean mobile navigation tutorial for responsive design with using CSS and without Javascript.

10. Responsive and Fixed Page Navigation

Adtile Fixed Nav

Demo & Free Download

11. Responsive Navigation with Nesting


Demo & Free Download

Nesting sub-menus responsive navigation was designed with SCSS and Javascript.

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