15+ Free Animated Search Box using CSS3 and Jquery

CSS3, JQuery

Today i am going to show some demo and free downloadable CSS3 and Jquery search box for exploring your content in your own website. Search form is a very important part in your website and you really need any of it below.

1. CSS3 Animated Search Box:


Demo & Free Download

In this demonstration, I will get a kick out chance how you can make a truly cool animated search box using css3 and Javascript.

2. CSS3 Search Box:


Demo & Free Download

This Expandable search box has three levels with simple style, cube style and cube style with animations using jquery and css3.

3. Beautiful CSS3 Search Form:


Demo & Free Download

A cool CSS3 search form often possible to enhance user involvement simply and makes it simple to search your site.

4. Clean Search Form:


Demo & Free Download

This search box structure is an essential part of a site permitting users to find the content they are searching for.

5. Search Bar Animation:


Demo & Free Download

Here what you are looking for with additional to menu section. Have a look so that you could understand.

6. Search Bar:


Demo & Free Download

Here is a most usable search box for your site with easy tutorial.

7. Super Cool Search Input Bar:


Demo & Free Download

Here is a super cool search box for your site using css3 and jquery.

8. Stylish CSS3 Search Box:


Demo & Free Download

A Search box is likely a standout amongst the most widely recognized UI components around, and I think there is no compelling reason to clarify its purpose any longer. Whether it’s around a site or a web application, to build user experience for it, you might need to include a smart search box and here it is.

9. Cool CSS3 Search Box:


Demo & Free Download

In this demo, you’ll figure out how to make a cool and usable CSS3 Search box utilizing the HTML5 placeholder trait.

10. Expandable Search Form using CSS3:


Demo & Free Download

Here is a slow motion animated expandable search box with pure css3 code.

11. Expandable Search Bar using CSS3 Transitions:


Demo & Free Download

A Hidden and Hover view search box expands with css3 transitions in this demo.

12. Animated Search Box with CSS3:


Demo & Free Download

In this demo you can find, how to create animated search box using CSS3 with different colors. You can just duplicate the code and utilize it in your projects instantly.

13. Expanding Search Bar Deconstructed:


Demo & Free Download

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to create a search box from scratch and this aims to be compatible with mobile devices.

14. Expanding Search Bar 2:


Demo & Free Download

Click and Click search box with open and close option using css3 and jquery.

15. Search Bar Animation:


Demo & Free Download

It’s a different search box with close icon using css3 and jquery.

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