11+ Free CSS3 and Jquery Count Down plugins and Scripts

CSS3, JQuery

The following list consists of different Count Down plugins that can be used in Landing Page/ Coming soon page.  All of the below CSS3 and Jquery scripts are easily understandable and clearly explained tutorials. Each and every scripts has a free download options so that you can directly and install in relevant pages.

1. Flipclock


Demo & Free Download

Here is a clean Flip effect Jquery Count down script which is really cool in effect wise. To work best with your knowledge flipclock plugin has 7 different options listed below.

Autostart, Countdown, Callbacks, Classes, Clockface, default clockface and default language.

2. County Jquery Count down plugin

Free jQuery Count Down Plugin

Demo & Free Download

County Count down plugin was developed with various customizaition options such as animation, color schemes and many other parameters.

3. Circular Minimal Countdown

Circular minimal countdown

Demo & Free Download

Circular Countdown is a light weight plugin to render simple animated and retina optimized pie charts.  LESS CSS is applied in this Countdown plugin.

4. Minimal Coming Soon page

Minimal Coming Soon Page

Demo & Free Download

You can see some gradients and shadow effects using CSS3 and Jquery in this script. It was fully designed with minimalist style and light colors with lot of new properties.

5. Jquery Countdown Timer

A jQuery Countdown Timer

Demo & Free Download

This Jquery Countdown is some what special to show the remaining days, hours, minutes and second for your events. Additional to this, you can see an animated updates on every second.

6. Jquery Countdown Plugin

jQuery CountDown Plugin Example

Demo & Free Download

You’ve been some sites allows you to wait for a second to download any files like the site Megaupload, Rapidshare etc. This site creates such like similar script that allows you to wait for some seconds to get the files. If you see the demo you could understand clearly about the working script.

7. CSS-only Countdown Clock

CSS Only Countdown Clock

Demo & Free Download

This is an optional one on those who don’t like Jquery to applied in the site. This is fully powered by CSS with 1 hour countdown length. SCSS does the trick with showing minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds as they tick.

8. Colorful Countdown Timer

Colorful Countdown Timer

Demo & Free Download

Its an 3 Color builtin beautiful date countdown timer plugin.

9. Colorful Clock with CSS & Jquery

A Colorful Clock With CSS  jQuery

Demo & Free Download

10. CSS3 Countdown

CSS3 Countdown

Demo & Free Download

In this tutorial you can easily edit HTML and Javascript. It was quite dark to create Countdown page.

11.Jquery Countdown

jQuery Countdown

Demo & Free Download

Here is a very simple script with some different layouts and formats

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