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Most often we go for designing drop down menus with unordered lists. But its usability in small and cursor less screens may be quite challenging. But here lies the solution! In this article we have discussed about various responsive drop down navigation menus based on HTML and CSS, whose responsiveness has been implemented based on media queries with a jQuery plugin for its adoption in any touch screen device.

1. Clean Responsive Navigation Menu using pure CSS3


Demo & Download

2. Horizontal Drop-Down Menu:


Demo & Download

A simple, horizontal slide out menu with a lattice like abridged layout for the sub menu. On clicking a main menu item the sub items fade in, and on recurrently switching the main menu for another item the sub menu would adjust itself in height with its content fading in and out. Some media query examples show how to make the menu responsive and alter the outlook to a touch-friendly vertically deformed navigation.

3. Textured Responsive Drop Down Menu


Demo & Download

A most recent responsive drop down menu with a rough appearing background that allows the user to change its color without altering the image. This is touching friendly with the usage of a minimal jQuery to ensure that everything works on all browsers.

4. Simple YouTube Menu Effect


Demo & Download

Comprises of a menu icon which when clicked slides to the right and exhibits a label that moves up and a list of items that fade in successively. Addition of more style and effects would make this a bit more appealing.

5. Responsive Multi-Level Menu


Demo & Download

Serves the objective of minimizing the space occupied by the menus with lots of content and sub menus, by means of fine animations defined in separate classes that would allow each sub menu to be shown in its own perspective making the core menu disappear, making it applicable for any kind of responsive arrangement.

6. Simple Effects for Drop-Down Lists


Demo & Download

The proposal is an attractive, unique, simple technique which allows some custom styling of the drop down list incorporating CSS transforms and transitions with a jQuery plugin. The parameters can be configured in such a way as to attain these unique effects adding color to the generated structure.



Demo & Download

A three level Responsive Drop Down navigation menu with j Query and CSS3 exhibiting sub menus with the option of adding more icons as you wish.

8. Horizontal Slide Out Menu


Demo & Download

9. Responsive CSS3 Menu Dropdown + Submenus Width Toggle Animation


Demo & Download

Exhibits a responsive CSS3 dropdown menu with sub menus’ width toggle animation.

10. Responsive Flat Dropdown Menu with jQuery and CSS3


Demo & Download

Incorporates jQuery and CSS/CSS3 for a responsive, multilevel, animated, mobile friendly navigation menu. The screen size being decided by the j Query window resize method involuntarily converts the horizontal menu to a mobile-friendly dropdown menu by means of toggle key lest the screen size being smaller than a particular breakpoint.

11. Tooltip Menu


Demo & Download

A simple tooltip menu that has been designed with a submenu, which would appear above or below it, when hovered or clicked using Modernizer’s touch detection. Also the media queries demonstrate the adjustment of styles for smaller screens.

12. Mega Dropdown


Demo & Download

A responsive mega dropdown drop down menu with sub-categories activated with a tap/click as users generally prefer a click to access a new content incorporating a mobile vs desktop approach: For mobile devices, the basic idea was to let the user focus totally on the dropdown content, thereby assigning a fixed position to the dropdown setting its width and height to 100%. By default, it is hidden right above the viewport .When the user clicks the trigger element, the .dropdown-is-active class is added to the dropdown which is translated back into the viewport. When user chooses a new sublevel in the dropdown, the visible items are translated to the left outside the viewport (using the .move-out class), while the new items slide back into the viewport

13. Responsive Dropdown Menu Download


Demo & Download

In this methodology  we accommodate large, multi-level navigation menus using media queries and j Query,  with a horizontal drop-down menu,  up to 2 levels of sub-menus that appear  on large screens and a “menu” button which displays our menu vertically, displaying sub-menus on small screens, when the parent element is clicked or hovered.

14. Jquery Dropdown Menu


Demo & Download


This technique exhibits a simple HTML and CSS structured drop down navigation with responsiveness implemented based on media queries like a super tiny jQuery plugin in touch screen devices.

15. Stylish Drop Down Menu


Demo & Download

Exhibits a flat,horizontal ,responsive menu with CSS approach.

16. Animenu Toggle


Demo & Download

Incorporates a CSS3 animated and responsive dropdown menu.

17. Shield UI Menu


Demo & Download

Clean and Customizable menu widget from Shieldui.

18. Google Nexus Website Menu


Demo & Download

This aims at reconstruction of the side bar menu of the Google Nexus 7 page. Here the reconstruction has been done using some unordered , nested lists with some CSS transitions as well .The opening effects ,hover and click events are being handled by the application of classes in Java Script .Also the resizing of windows for smaller devices is done with the help of media query.

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