8+ Best CSS3 Speech Bubbles with Borders Free Tutorial


In the web world CSS speech bubbles are not a new one. In older days, many developers use images for the speech bubbles, but now it gonna easy because of CSS. Today I am going to share some css pseudo classes used to determine simple and modern varieties of speech bubbles here.

#1 Pure CSS Speech Bubbles

Pure CSS speech bubbles

Free Tutorial

I am going to suggest this wonderful provider who shares even most of the different speech bubble css in just a single article. Go through it and it would really help you to take the best one. There are no unnecessary extra elements or javascript in this source code. So I would highly recommend this provider.

#2 Chat Bubbles in Pure CSS

Chat Bubbles in Pure CSS

Free Tutorial

This provider has executed the chat bubbles by default with border slant at the corners using pseudo-element classes. More or less it’s a little task to copy and paste and using it.

#3 CSS speech Bubble with Drop Shadow

CSS Speech Bubble With a Drop Shadow

Free Tutorial

Here the provider shared some good technique to improve the speech bubble design with drop shadow. The provider plans to share three techniques one by one. The three things are Improving the design, Adding arrow and giving a drop shadow.

#4 CSS Talk bubble in CSS

Chat Bubbles in CSS

Free Tutorial

This example was penned with 4 different look explaining step by step in the example itself. It was configured entirely by pure CSS.

#5 Simple Speech Bubble with CSS

Simple Speech Bubble With CSS

Free Tutorial

Those who are looking for a very simple speech bubble have a glance with this example.

#6 Speech Bubble in Pure CSS

Spearch Bubble in Pure CSS

Free Tutorial

This example was come across through the #1 with some detailed example of the source code.

#7 CSS Speech Bubble

CSS Speech Bubble

Free Tutorial

This is the original speech bubble one that searches for. As mentioned above in all examples, pseudo-element classes are added to differentiate the outlines.

#8 Comment Speech Bubble using Pure CSS

Comment Speech Bubbles Using Pure CSS

Free Tutorial

In this example Nathan shares comment speech bubble using pure css with fancy tweaks and tots. You could do an alteration do adjusting the positioning and swapping out the borders on the: after pseudo-element to get the speech bubble vertical and horizontal.

#9 Pure CSS3 Speech Bubble

Pure CSS3 Speech Bubbles CSS3

Free Tutorial

Here is another best and awesome tutorial with pure CSS3 code. As we see, we have had a speech bubble using partial border with extra triangle bubble. But in this example the author shared an advance css3 speech bubble that almost looks different.

Final Thoughts

Moreover, I have shared some besties who written an article based on Speech Bubbles with CSS. Let’s see with some useful post in my next article.

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