9+ Best and Free CSS3 Hamburger Drop Down Menu Tutorials


Hamburger menu is also known as the menu button or option button. Hamburger is a button placed in the top left or top right of the webpage. Structure of the hamburger is it consists of three parallel horizontal lines.

As soon as this menu is clicked option within the hamburger menu will pop up. You can choose the option from the menu listed. If you click the hamburger menu X again the menu will go back to its original state.Hamburger icons have the advantage of saving the space on the web page. In this post, we bring out some of the best hamburger menus. We hope that this post will give you a clear idea regarding the hamburger menus.

 Pure CSS Hamburger Fold-Out Menu:


Hamburger menu with a pure CSS coding gives you the option to hide the menu items. When you click the hamburger menu the option will be displayed and when you click the menu again hamburger menu will return to its normal state.

CSS Animated Hamburgers:


Hamburgers menus can also be animated for a better view of the web pages. There are various hamburger animated menus available. Animated hamburger use CSS3 3D transforms which is supported by most of the browsers, but not supported by IE9 and older and Opera Mini.

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Menu Hamburger Icon Animations:


Hamburger icons are usually placed in the top right corner or top left corner of the web page. Animated hamburger icons make the menu bar more attractive. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combine together to produce the animated hamburger icons.

Animating CSS only Hamburger Menu Icons:


Animated Hamburger Menu icon is commonly used in most of the web pages. Hamburger icons becoming more familiar and recognizable UI action button. For showing and hiding the menus hamburger icons are used.

Building a Morphing Hamburger Menu with CSS:


The morphing of an image is nothing but changing or transforming one image into another. Here hamburger menu is placed at the top left corner, and when it is clicked the options will pop out. The page appearance will get change once the hamburger menu is clicked.

There Line Menu Navigation:


Three line Menu Navigation looks like a three parallel horizontal line sandwiched together. Here you can change the font size as your need. Using HTML and CSS the three line menu icons are created. Techniques like Unicode, SVGetc are used.

 Simple Hamburger Drop-Drown Menu with CSS and jQuery:


Hamburger menu shows and hides the menu. When you click on the hamburger menu it will expand the menu and show all the options available within the hamburger menu. To change from one state to other or from one effect to other toggle is used.

CSS Animated Hamburger:


Animated Hamburger is can be created only using CSS. While you click the hamburger icon the menu will popup, but the intent is to change the hamburger icon into an X so the user will know to click it again so that the hamburger icon will close. Transition and transform are used in CSS to rotate and fade-out to create X shape.

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Hamburger Menu for Full Screen Navigation:


Pure CSS is used to create a full-screen hamburger navigation menu. The full-screen navigation menu is nothing but, when you click the hamburger menu the navigation menu will fill the entire page and turns the hamburger menu to an X. And clicking again the X will close the navigation menu and turn to normal hamburger menu.

CSS Animated Hamburger Icon for Bootstrap:


Animated hamburger icon for bootstrap is to create a responsive web page in mobile devices with hamburger icons. These bootstrap icons will display in desktop only when you minimize the screen. To save the space hamburger icons are used.


Hamburger icons are the latest most used icons in the web pages. It gives the more attraction to the users. To show and hide the menu hamburger icons are used. Hamburger icons are usually used to save the space in the web page. Clicking the hamburger icon will show the menu and when you click the X it will close the menu.

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