10+ Free Radial, Circular and Percentage animation CSS3 Tutorial

CSS3, JQuery

Progress animation bar is progress indicators which are available in various formats and designs. To attract the user’s various designs are available. Users can customize their own needed designs for their websites.

Some of the animated progress bars are Radial, Circular, Percentage bars. In this post, we bring out the animated progress bars which can be used to indicate the process. Users can get some idea regarding the animated progress bar from this post using CSS3 tricks.

1. Animated Skills Diagram with Raphael:

Animated Skills Diagram with Raphaël

Free Tutorial

Animated skills diagram using Raphael is a very simple concept. Some arcs are drawn using mathematical function and the percentage will be displayed in the main circle. The percentage will be displayed only when the mouse hover is done. Raphael is a javascript library which helps to work with vector graphics.

2. Percircle CSS Percentage Circle with jquery:


Free Tutorial

Percircle is a CSS percentage circle created using jquery. There are plenty of color variants and sizes available. Users can select the color and models as their wish. As the process being completed the percentage will be indicated in the progress bar.

3. Radial Progress bar:

Radial Progress Bar

Free Tutorial

Radial progress bar is to represent the program which is in progress. Based on the progress completed the radial progress bar will move. It shows the users how much process is completed.

4. Pie chart:

Pie charts

Free Tutorial

Pie chart is another progress bar which indicates the process to be completed. Pie charts are simple to design but when the progress is moving on it needs to be rotated. An animation in pie chart can also be done in CSS animation with the fancy progress indicator.

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5. Radial Progress Bar Using SVG:

radial progress bar with SVG

Free Tutorial

Radial progress bar with SVG is more flexible than using images. It can be designed using CSS, and also it allows modifying the design of progress bar without images. Since it is vector-based SVG works very well in different kinds of resolutions.

6. Circular Percentage Bar:

Circular Percentage Bar

Free Tutorial

With pure CSS, the circular progress bar is designed. As the name tells it is in circular view and the progress is indicated in percentage. When the mouse hovers over the progress bar it will get zoomed. The size can be altered by users as their wish.

7. Progress bar with javascript:


Free Tutorial

Progress bar with javascript is an easy way to create responsive and attractive progress bars. The shapes like line, Circle, SemiCircle are available. Custom progress bar also can be created using vector graphics editor.

 8. Radial Progress Bar with CSS:

Pure CSS Radial Progress Bar

Free Tutorial

Radial progress bar with CSS and HTML which looks exactly like javascript. Pure CSS is easy to implement and also it is free to customize as your wish. Based on the progress completed the progress bar will start the move.

9. Radial Indicator:

Radial indicator

Free Tutorial

Radial Indicator is available in various styles and designs. Using jQuery it can be easily configured and update. The various models available are radial Indicator without number indicator, with percentage, Using logo, Timer, Click and drop. Radial Indicator is a simple circular progress bar which can be easily used by users.

10. Circle Progress Indicator:

Circle Progress Indicator

Free Tutorial

Circle progress indicator is a progress bar with bootstrap. Like other progress bars, this circle progress bar also has the same figure but designed using bootstrap. When the download button is clicked the progress is shown in percentage.

11. Dynamic Circular Progress Bar:

jQuery-plugin-progressbar Demos

Free Tutorial

Dynamic circular progress bar with jQuery and CSS3. The progress bar is indicated in the percentage. Changes in the progress bar will happen dynamically.


Animated progress bars help to indicate the process being completed. It also gives some stylish look to the web pages. Plenty of colors and models are available for users. Users also can customize to their favorite designs.

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