10+ Best SVG Title and Image Hover Effects Free Tutorial


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is nothing but an XML-based vector image format with animation. SVG is developed by World Wide Web Consortium. SVG images can be created as well as can be edited.

SVG images are defined in XML text files so that they can be compressed. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc supports SVG. In this post, we bring out some tutorials about SVG title and image hover effects.

How to create a custom SVG Logo with a text:


Free Tutorial

To create an SVG logo with text first, we need to create an SVG graphic in illustrator. Using HTML we can embed the SVG code. To save select SVG format and for fonts choose System fonts. Now the image is saved in SVG format. It can be further edited.

Shape Hover Effect with SVG:

Shape Hover Effect

Free Tutorial

To shape an image with hover effect using SVG first draw any shape you wanted in editors like illustrator. There are paths available in each step. The point of the paths is copied so that we can use in our markup.

SVG image Mask on Hover:

Svg Image Mask On hover

Free Tutorial

SVG Image Mask on Hover is nothing but an image with some animation when the mouse hovers over the image. When we move the mouse over the image, the SVG image displays the animation. It was done with HTML and CSS.

Snap SVG Hover Text:

snap svg

Free Tutorial

The SVG image is more attractive since it is mostly used for animation purpose. Snap SVG hover text is nothing but while seeing the image no text will be visible, but when we hover the image the text will be visible to us. This is the main feature of Snap SVG.

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SVG Hover Effect:

Svg Hover Effect

Free Tutorial

Hover effects are usually normal as it is normally known to everyone. But using SVG the hover effects are made more effective. In this design, some animation or motion of an image is displayed when the image hovers. The images can also be compressed.

Animating SVG with CSS:

Svg with CSS Tricks

Free Tutorial

Using CSS, SVG images are animated. Here select an image with a text. Then save as SVG format and include CSS and SVG code. Now apply animation to make the text in the image to popup. The text in the image fades in and fades out.

SVG Shape:

SVG shape example

Free Tutorial

To make the color change in any of the images this example can be preferred by the users. When the mouse hovers over the image, the color gets change. Using HTML and CSS it can be done.

SVG animation using CSS and JAVASCRIPT:

SVG Animation using CSS Javascript

Free Tutorial

The SVG images are used because it can be compressed or resized but the quality of the image does not change. First, save the image in an SVG format in illustrator and then insert the SVG code in HTML document. Tags like embed and object are used for animating the text and image. Then using CSS and javascript the SVG image is animated.

SVG Border Hover Effect:

SVG Border

Free Tutorial

SVG border hovers effect is nothing but making the border of the text to animate. When the mouse hovers over the text, the border in the text will be animated. Using HTML and CSS it is designed and implemented.

SVG Shape Hover Effect:

SVG shape hover effect

Free Tutorial

SVG shape hovers effect is if we want to show some part of the image and hide some portion this kind of effects can be used. The main thing is that it is done in SVG using HTML and CSS.

Nice Icon Hover Effects with CSS3:

Nicer Icons

Free Tutorial

To animate the icons we use this tutorial. In most of the web pages, we can find the icons like social networking icons. For animating those icons while mouse hovers this design is used. CSS3 is the code used here.


SVG is used since it is flexible and even when the size is changed the quality does not vary. To make more attractive to the image animation effects are added to the SVG images. This post will give some clear idea regarding the SVG image hover effects.

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