How to get Google Adsense Approved in 2016 for your blog

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is finest and famous monetizing network to generate money from your blog. Google Adsense was founded in 2003 and rapidly become a most popular and preferred monetizing network over any other. Its ad serving algorithm works on the mechanism of keywords density which are used/exist in your posts. Generate money from your blog.Most Webmasters use this Ad network as their only way to generate to income from their websites.

Adsense has different Advertisements from various advertisers. All of them have their own company in different field.So, according to their income, they Advertise with Adsense using different Budgets. Some of them have Higher Budgets, So, they are ready to pay hundreds of dollars per click. But Majority of times, you will not see any keyword paying that much. There are only Few ones which can make you a huge income with one or two clicks.

Google Adsense is a biggest monetization program which power by Google. If your application or blog is approved by Google for publish Adsense ads on your site, they will pay you  per click, Means its a PPC network. It is the opposite part of Google Adwords. Google Adsense is really great way and also the first choice for earn money online.You can make money using your blog, your application and many other legal ways.

Some years back Google is always waiting for new publishers to sign up in Google Adsense. And it is very easy to approved from Google Adsense.

But things are now changed,Thousands of request are now send everyday to Google Adsense for approval.And only some publishers are get approved from Google Adsense.


google adsense approved 2016

Tips 1: Invest Rs.199 or Rs.299 and take custom domain .com, .org, .net, .in to increase the chances of your adsense approval.

Tips 2: Your website must contain atleast 20-25 Quality posts original, Quality content post and use relevant images where ever required.

Tips 3: You need to create some important pages because adsense wants to know your identity before your signup to their Adsense program.

Tips 4: You must make sure that your website/blog doesn’t contain any third party Ads.If any ads are placed in your site then remove them Fast. Don’t allow or place any other third party banner ad code on your website.

Tips 5: Your website/blog should open fast in the Web.You need to choose a malware free and clean with fully responsive template with faster loading.It causes a main role in adsense approval.

Tips 6: Your website or blog should be at least 6 months old.(newly blogs only from Europe, USA, Canada are accepted).

Tips 7: Your site should not contain any copyrighted pictures, videos or links to sites that against to google policies and guidelines.Never copy and paste content from other websites. Always post new original content.

Tips 8: Your Website or Blog should not contain any Adult content which may harm our site.It may also down your respect among the Peoples. So keep non-adult content in your Website or Blog.

So follow the above steps to get approved from Google Adsense.

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