Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Paying High

Google Adsense

Most of the new bloggers thinks that Google Adsense is the only advertising network. But there is lot of advertising networks through which users can make money. Actually there is no substitute for adsense but instead of nothing we can choose that something option. It is difficult to get permission from google adsense because it has lot of rules like it should have enough content, need to follow all rules else site will be banned. In that case, we need to choose another option or alternative. In this article, we describe about some alternatives.



Chitika allows users to customize ads and it can be used along with adsense. Contextual ads alone can be served. It will be effective similar to adsense. If there is problem in getting license, then chitika can be used as it will replace adsense. No need to get approval to use this site. Users can just create an account and put ads.



It is one of the biggest pop-up networks available. They are well-known in developing games, videos, software, movies, etc. Users could make more money with this site than adsense. Though they also have banners, it is a great adsense alternative as they closely work with ad networks which monetize apps and mobile services.



It provides 4 types of ad: In-fold, In-text, In-frame & In-tag ads. It provides the facility of determining the best ads to display by indexing the page. The main advantage is their intext ad links. Selected words on your page will be highlighted. When user scrolls down, pops up containing an ad will appears. They contain an adblock called related tags, similar to adsense horizontal link blocks. It contains tag cloud adblock, suitable for site’s layout. Infolinks are working with worldwide leading brands such as facebook, amazon, ebay, etc as they choose their advertisers based on quality.



It provides various types of ads like banner, pop-unders, sliders, top & footer style banners, buttons & interstitials. It provides users with both contextual and geo-targeted ads and it’s a performance based network.



It is the best adsense alternative in terms of serving ads. It has great CTR and work with several languages. It provides good banner, CTR and revenue adapts to get best results for website.



It is another best alternative for adsense. It is a contextual network from Yahoo and Bing. The ads in this site will be shown also in both mobile and tablets. It is highly customizable. Publishers can earn money from advertising revenue.



It helps to earn more money but paying you on both clicks and conversations. It provides text ads, mobile ads, banner ads and slider ads. One disadvantage is that usage of advertiser bidding system and so it will some time for advertisers to find their site on bidvertiser network and start bidding on their ad spots.

Thus in this article various adsense alternative are described for your usage. It shows there are best alternatives for adsense are available.

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