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For a good looking technology news blogs the fonts play a vital role. There are large numbers of fonts available. Some fonts are installed as a default in computers. To attract the users there are some stylish fonts available, but a good blogger knows how to make the best site. To make a technology news blogger sweet and simple the font also should be simple. The simple font can help users to view the content and understand without any sort of irritation.

Choosing the font is very important. If you select a font which is not familiar and not installed in some user’s computer they will not be able to view your content. So while writing a post in a blog you must choose the simple font which is available for all users.

1. Open Sans:

open sans technology blog content

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Open Sans font is designed by Steve Matteson, Creative Type Director at Monotype. Open Sans is available in a large number. It has a friendly appearance. It can be optimized for print, the web, and mobile interfaces. Open Sans is most popular in flat design style for web design. Also contains 897 character set which includes standard ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek and Cyrillic character set.

2. Lato:

lato google font for technology

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Lato is a sanserif typeface family designed in 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Lukasz Dziedzic. It is made open source in December 2010. Initially, the Lato family was set large client then decided to go different stylistic direction. So it became popular to the public. Lukasz tried for transparent typeface while using in the body text but would display some original traits when used in larger sizes. Semi-rounded letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, and also the strong structure gives stability and seriousness.

3. Droid Serif:

droid sans google font technology

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Droid Serif was designed by Steve Matteson. It is designed for making the users to read the text on the screen comfortably. Droid Serif is slightly condensed to maximize the amount of text displayed on small screens. Some of its types are Droid Serif Regular, Droid Serif Italic, Droid Serif Bold, and Droid Serif Bold Italic. Vertical stress, Sturdy serifs, and open forms contribute to the readability of Droid Serif.

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4. Merriweather:

merriweather google font

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Merriweather was designed to be a text face for reading on screen. Only four styles are available now under Merriweather. They are Regular, Light, Bold, and Black. The latest version will be updated soon; the work is in progress and will be improved regularly. The last update was done in January 2016 which includes, the designs that make all upright or roman styles darker to improve the on-screen reading better. Now it is supported by Cyrillic and will work perfectly in desktops.

5. Source Sans Pro:

source sans pro google font

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Source Sans Pro was designed by Paul D.Hunt. It was Adobe’s first open source typeface family. It has more clarity in on-screen. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate the uppercase letters and the lowercase letters. To make this clear a new additional functionality is added. Source Sans Pro is designed with more generous width and also majuscule letters, combined with minuscule letters with longer extenders.

6. Frank Ruhl Libre:

Frank Ruhl Libre google font

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Frank Ruhl Libre is an open source version available to the public. Frank Ruhl Libre was designed by Rafael Frank in 1908. The final version was released at 1910. This Frank Ruhl Libre font can be found in Israeli books, newspapers, and magazine. This anciently used font is now designed as readable text with and without vowel marks.

7. Abel:

Abel google font

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Abel is a modern font mainly used for newspaper headlines, and posters.  This font Abel can also be used in text on the web. This font seems unique because of its design. It is designed with angled terminals and spiked stems which give to display in various sizes. Abel font styles can be used both in larger as well as smaller size text.

8. Vollkorn:

Vollkorn google font

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Vollkorn is introduced in the year 2005 under the creative-common-License by Friendrich Althausen.  Mainly Vollkorn is used for web and printing matters. It is stated that this font has been downloaded thousand times. Vollkorn has dark and meaty serifs and a bouncing and healthy look. Also used as a headlines or titles. Vollkorn comes with lots of features which is an open type and can be used by anyone.

9. Exo:

exo google font

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Exo is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface used in technology blogs. It is versatile with lots of designs. Exo has 9 weights each with true italic version. It works great in all font size both larger and smaller text. The previous update was done in December 2013 so it is recommended for the users to prefer Exo. Exo 2 with a stylish look performs god in smaller and larger text.

10. Coda:

coda google font

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Coda is a font which is used for World Wide Web. For the purpose of making the font style bold in web pages coda is used with larger sizes. It is widely used across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, Laptops, and mobile devices.


Fonts are the main thing which makes the content look better. So choosing a good font for the technology news blog is essential to make the readers read and understand the contents. To make it simple the fonts also should be simple so users can read without any irritation. The above font types are widely used across many users, the above content can be viewed for the better understanding of the fonts to use in a technology blog.

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