9+ Free List/Grid switchers using CSS and Jquery

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Almost in every woocommerce/e-commerce site you can see the list/grid switch button separates from two different layout in product/archive woocommerce page. It looks great in two different modes. If you are a developer/designer needs to develop a Woocommerce Themes,  then you surely needs to add these two modes (list/grid) in product/archive page. So at that time you can choose any one of the following 9+ CSS and Jquery switchers that you may love more.

1. View Mode Switch


Demo & Free Download

Don’t you ever tried Codrops in your site? Yes, really its one of a best choosable tutorial with a simple view mode. Just want to say that the layout was defined by a view class that can be applied in the main wrapper.

2. Grid/List view Jquery Category Filter


Demo & Free Download

This is such an great tutorial that can add category filter and switching the layout based on cookie to know the browser to remember the choice of the user.

3. List/Grid View Switcher with Jquery


Demo & Free Download

Simple basic CSS and Jquery switcher changes the layout from display lists to smaller grids.

4. Bootstrap List Grid View


Demo & Free Download

The snippet is for Bootstrap version 3 and be sure that you are upgraded your Bootstrap version to 3 or more.  A decent List/Gird button which will take your site to look like a standard layout.

5. Toggle Gird/List view

Toggle grid list view

Demo & Free Download

I love the functionality of this switcher because there is only one single button switches both to List/Grid view. This works like a toggle button using SCSS functionality.

6. List/Grid View Switcher with fade in/out transitions using Jquery


Demo & Free Download

It uses fade in/out transitions while switching over List/Grid button to display product/archives page using Jquery and CSS.

7. Switch List/Grid view using Jquery


Demo & Free Download

A simple design and simple effect List/Grid view used for very basic understanding.

8. Grid List Simple View

grid list view   simple

Demo & Free Download

This is also same as #9

9. Grid/List View Code


Demo & Free Download

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