10+ Best Facial and Skin Retouch Effects using Photoshop


Here you will lift up your beauty using the Photoshop. This tutorial helps you to give smooth and soft skin for your photos. It helps you to learn how to make smooth and soft skins to your photos without blurring out the important image. Removing the blemishes is really very easy in Photoshop.  This helps to learn how to remove the pimples and small darken particles on the face or skin.

1. Easy facial retouch using Photoshop

easy facial retouch

Free Tutorial

Here the tutor selected the girl image with freckles face has a small brownish spots on the skin that turned darker. Now they remove the brownish part on the face without blurring its original effect.

2. Removing pimples on your face

easy smooth soften

Free Tutorial

This help you give you pimple free face using Photoshop. Helping you to remove the pimples for your favourite photos without changing its nature.

3. Skin Retouching Tutorial

skin retouching

Free Tutorial

 The skin eraser for you. Using this you can clear your skin using Photoshop. Spot healing brush tool helps you to brush your skins and make your photos to feel different.

4. Facial Retouching using Photoshop

facial retouching in photos

Free Tutorial

Removing the skin issues using Photoshop. Select the healing brush tool which helps you to remove the imperfection of our pictures like a cloning tool. Healing brush tool match the texture lightning, transparency and also the shading of pixels to be healed. Here you can click and drag the point where you need to apply the sampling point copying the sampling point to the affected point.

5. Professional Retouching in Photoshop

professional facial retouch

Free Tutorial

This tutorial educate you to do professional facial retouching that professional’s use for fashion magazines. If you need extra colour correction you can use grayscale and sepia mode.

6. Age Progression

Age Progression

Free Tutorial

Everyone has the curiosity of thinking how I would be after 25 to 30 years. This tutorial helps you a simple steps to converting the young one to old aged photo for this tutorial the Image of Katie Holmes has chosen. This will help you a lot in age progression.

7. Dodging and Burning

professional retouching

Free Tutorial

This tutorial help you in lightening or darkening the image. Using this technique we get smooth and perfect skin here you can find the best things that can done by using Dodging and burning

8. Slim a Face in Photoshop

how to slim a face

Free Tutorial

 Changing the photo to slim using liquify toolclicking and dragging making the head thinner. While shaping the head has to concentrate on focus on the jaw not reshaping the bone. This help you to guide how to convert the photo to slim without changing its natural look.

9. Air Brushing Skin in Photoshop

superb skin airbrush technique

Free Tutorial

This is nothing but brushing the skin in Photoshop. Giving some nice blur effects to your image like Gaussian Blur Filter. Blur the layers to your photo will be without having edges to your skin and also get smoothed.

10. Retouch the Face

how to retouch a face

Free Tutorial

Two simple tool helps you to Re touch your face. The photo of a cute baby having scratches on the face help you for clear illustration. Using this simple tools healing tool and lasso/free selected tool (third from the left on top row or the scissors tool (far left on second row).

11. High Quality Portrait Retouching with Light Room

high quality portrait

Free Tutorial

This helps you to educate how we are removing the dust particles from the face and also we are removing the stray hair and resolving the skin issues.

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