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This is really an amazing effect in Photoshop that takes your image with different shatter effects which make a different look. This is very simple and a beautiful mechanics, if you have enough time, patience, this is not actually hard. By choosing the correct brushes in correct place and a little bit of practice will give you wonderful results.

If you are a beginner don’t worry choosing the correct brush and to use in a correct manner does take a bit of practice to produce the good result. If you are not getting the good result, don’t worry, keep practicing. This tutorial will help you in creating dispersion or slater effect with some simple and easy step. This step by step guidance will guide you and make you travel in the different way to your design. Now if you are beginners don’t worry if you complete these tutorial sure you will feel that you are a beginner.

1. Splashing sneaker in Photoshop

splashing sneaker in photoshop


This tutorial educates you some simple techniques for creating awesome splash effects on the sneaker image using Photoshop. Here you need to use lots of copy paste command along with the image chosen. The resources used paint tossing pack, sneaker image, metal package.

2. Photoshop cafe



For creating the shatter effect first you need to take a photograph or image that will work well for your design. Here tutor has chosen the photograph of the model Lina because of the boomerang shape of her body. This type of photograph will produce some visual interest and give more impression of anticipated effects.

3. Design a paint splashing effect



This design looks really wonderful by creating a great deal of worldly experience. This converts the ordinary image to paint splash on that image. Really it is very easy to do it while you follow this tutorial. Here you are using the soft brush tool to erase the image and to produce some paint effects. However, we need to duplicate all layers while merging all we will receive a wonderful result.

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4. Easy dispersion effect in Photoshop

dispertion effects in photoshop


This article helps you to learn how to create an easy dispersion or shatter effects. By this tutorial main thing is to make the harder to an easy way. Best thing is using the Photoshop brushes tutor makes everything simple and easy. If you had taken hours to do this, now this tutorial makes you feel easy by using 3 simple steps. Tutor has chosen an effective jumping image of a guy in the air. This is a great effect for this shatter effect because the image shows that guy is in motion.

5. Paint splash effect

paint spatters tutorial


This tutorial helps you in creating the nice paint splash effect using the paint splatters vector pack. However, from this tutorial, you can learn a simple way of giving splash effects to any of the photos that you need to create fun. Cropping the images and pasting in the middle by duplicating gives more effective to your creation. Here you can follow some simple steps to create this splash effects.

6. Create color splash effect in Photoshop

splash efffect in photoshop


This tutorial helps you in creating the color splash effect for the beginners, medium and also for advanced users. Nowadays there are a lot of apps in google play store and apple store that reach a good hike in the market because of the craze in selfies. Lots of apps can make your photos to color splash effects. But by making those in Photoshop will make you the ownership for the creation.

7. Manipulate a portrait photo to create splatter paint effects

portrait photo using photoshop


This tutorial help in to manipulate a portrait photo to splatter paint effect using Photoshop. Here lot of techniques like overlay painting, blending, and coloring has been chosen for making the picture more effective. Reusing the techniques makes your project enhanced to a higher level.

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8. Color splash effect in Photoshop

color splash effect


Tending to have an independent image without inflection. This tutorial will help you in placing a single object or a subject in its position, without changing its color or position converting rest of the photograph to black and white. This Photoshop effects will work on all version including modern versions like cs4, cs5, cs6. It is very easy to change the particular image to black and white.

9. How to create color splash effect in Photoshop

tutorial for color splash effect


This tutorial is the little bit difficult for the beginners. This tutorial helps you to learn the effect of dark monochrome backgrounds which help in splash effects to your images.

10. Splash photo effect

splash photo effect


This tutorial helps in creating the different effects to the image. This will educate you to do half paint splash effects on the face image and turning the remaining half part to black and white image.

11. Amazing water and the light splash effect in Photoshop



This tutorial helps you to learn how to make the water effects with the combination of light splash effects to your image. Now this tutorial will lift your designing ability to the next level.

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