14+ Best and Innovative Photoshop Text Effects tutorial in 2017

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There are various ways of arranging and designing the text using Photoshop. From this article you can give styles to your text or can insert images in text, you can light your text, change its color and also you can do whatever you imagine using the below 13+ tutorial examples.

1. Wave effect in text



This tutorial helps you to show different amazing effects in text. This shows you to create the waving effect in the text. By using layer style, Photoshop filters with the combination of different effects changing the text background and effects.

2. Text in Stiches



This tutorial helps you to design a stitching text effect with the help of custom brush tool. Using this effect you can create a design like text in your cloths like shirts and jeans. Photoshop help you to play with lot effects.

3. Geometric Collage Text Effect

Geometric text effects


This tutorial helps you to learn how to use selection and move tools. Using this tools you can divide the text into different segments and filling the segments with images.

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4. Creating 3D Ornament Text Effect

3d ornament text effect


This tutorial helps you to use Photoshop 3D tools and setting. Also you will get an idea to use textures, patterns, brushes, filters, layer styles etc.

5. Easy Plastic Text

plastic text effect


This tutorial helps you in a simple and easy way to design a plastic text design. Using this you can learn how to design a text in a plastic design. For changing the inner glow to an inner shadow use a blend mode.

6. Text with Fire Effect

fire text effect


Creating a fire effect in Photoshop is little bit difficult but using this tutorial you are going to learn an easy way of designing the fire effect to the text with the help of Photoshop.

7. 3D Typography

3d typography text effect


Learning a 3D typography design is not a very easy step but using this tutorial you can find an easy way to for 3D text effects. All comes with the creativity and your patience teach u lot and make you a great designer. This tutorial help you in a step by step process to fulfil your needs.

8. Adding Different Colors to Text

fantastic 3d color effect


This tutorial helps you to create a splatter effect to the text using the 3D effect. This guide you to change the simple text to 3D text effect with the amazing look. This help you to move to the next level of feel for your designing performance.

9. Dark Grunge 3D text using scene Photoshop

dark grunge text effect


This tutorial helps you to add different effect to your 3D text using photoshop filters and adding consistent lightning, creating shadows. Here tutor close the effect by darkening the texture background that fades outs and produce different effects.

10. 3D text only using Photoshop 7

3d text


This helps you to create a 3D text only by using the Photoshop 7.  Start with new document text, select the text size as you wish. Here Arial black font is used don’t use the FAUX BOLD option on the text. Now select the layer style then convert its shape. Go through the steps it will help you a lot.

11. Grand motel text effect

Grand motel text effect


This tutorial helps you in the different platform of the design. Grand motel text effect is a free Photoshop text effect used for logo designing. From this you can use this font design for your new business. Are you looking for the text design for your business? Now you are in the right page work you will feel the joy.

12. Soft white text effect

soft white text


Using this you can create a nice soft white snowy text. You can use this for designing your logos. BY this tutorial you will feel nice soft snowy text that makes a different feel to your mind.

13. 3D look Creative mod PSD text effect

creative mod text effect


This help you in a simple progress by choosing your text or design you can convert it and feel the design. Using this you can create your own posters or wallpapers etc.

14. Neon text effect

neon text effect


This tutorial helps you to design a neon light experience for your image. Giving glow and gloss effect makes your image shinier, using layer style makes your image to glow well and also the color variation will move your image to different standard.

15. Painted text effect

painted text effect


This tutorial helps you to take you to the different world because here you don’t need any Photoshop skills. Here the process is fully based on the mouse clicks, using the mouse click and design multiple unique effects.

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