Tips to get 1000+ visitors per day!


Do you crave to get 1,000 + visitors per day for your website and blog without spending much time and money?

I know you do …because traffic means money!!!

Let me give you some proven tips to have a long lasting traffic…Just stay tuned with me…preferably with a cup of coffee  as I would be taking quite a few minutes as you move down to stay with me…!


Most blogs die of lack of traffic because of contents that are not inspiring and challenging .Yes! The content that we write must make people think, push them out of their comfy zones…and urge them to get into something that would transform their present life’s frustration into new hopes for a blissful tomorrow…

Hope you get it…So what next…how should your challenging article be…? Very simple… do it as I say


  • It should be well explored.

You must know for whom you are writing your article. As you explore this you will want to have more readers who just get into action after reading your blog giving you a reply, comment, email, and what not….that you would really love to have…This is where you would differentiate people who would be your loyal reader rather than just visiting your page…Once you manage to make up your target of 1000+ visitors be sincere in writing for your faithful readers.

  • It should outperform both in quality and quantity.

For your content its beauty lies not only in its quality but also its quantity. When your write up is bla bla bla…a too lengthy one…it really urges the reader to skip and read…where the effort you put to bring out your thoughts goes in vain…because the more one reads the less he remembers…that’s the truth…a very hard truth indeed… Quality of the article lies in good readability, grammatical error–free sentences, internal links, and external links…Hope this is clear!!

  • It should be relevantly linked to other blogs

It’s about how your content would be more explained when linked to blogs that are related to yours. That makes the reader keener on your content and gets justified when feeling doubtful.

  • It should be full of lively tips

Your contents should be crispy and straight to point in the form of ‘tips’…tips that would solve the problem that you are discussing about …with some action plans to fire up its potent and spirit…

NOW as your KILLER CONTENT is ready…what next…let’s see.


Many of those who fail to gain traffic even after they create good catchy write ups is that they go unaware of the trenches that they would have to get through to promote their hard worked and enticing blogs. I really pity such a newbie … but it isn’t that hard…because when you are very serious about this online business you are just going to take this as a mandatory step to hike your page traffic. Is that clear? How does this come into action…Here we go…

  • Configure your website specifications:
  • Take care of your website speed…add plug-ins if necessary that are available with WordPress to enhance your page speed like Lazy load,W3 Total Cache, WP, etc.
  • Keep your page elegant and beautiful to your readers that makes them stay on your page and come back to it…So, choose a catchy theme…this is all available with WordPress.
  • Keep your site architecture technical, aesthetic and more important …functional.
  • Get socially linked:
  • Get your content posted in Facebook, the world’s largest sharing platform
  • Get submitted to Twitter, a competitor to Facebook.
  • Submit to Any Related Blog Carnivals.
  • Post to Niche Social Sites
  • Post your content to the Top Tutorial Sites online.
  • . Guest post at least twice per week…This takes you up to new audiences and makes you build warm relationships with other bloggers like you…and this will carry you securely in your blogging journey!!Believe me…!
  • Make your blog SEO friendly:
  • Choosing keywords… Keywords are the groundwork for your SEO efforts. Sort out your top 5 keywords and use them sparely on every post you write. Search and find using “Searches Related to…” at the bottom of Google search results or by entering your keywords into the Google Keyword planner.
  • Back links gives the stamina for any successful website. It’s got a linear relationship formulated as , more quality back links = more traffic
  • Strengthen your relationship with other bloggers:

How can this be done? Simple…and easy…let’s see!

  • Keep reading their blogs and give polite comments
  • Keep in touch suggesting some blog post ideas using e mail or twitter
  • Get frequently linked to them giving a share, a comment, or subscribe their news letter…it is only when we give we can take …what? See next.
  • Whenever you get linked ask for a share or a tweet…if they find your post interesting surely they would favor you…if not make a try again.


Most of the time we keep our heads into only promoting our blogs and all stuffs related to it. Only the ‘give to get’ approach works out successfully for a blogger to stand firm in the blogosphere and that can be devised in this ‘1/2,1/2 strategy’…I know you are getting keen to know what it is. You always have to spend

  • 1/2 of your total blogging time a day for ‘your junks’
  • 1/2 of your total blogging time a day for ‘other’s junks’

That’s how you can develop a warm, trustworthy and comfortable relationship with your pals in your blogging community…




It’s always seen that most people give up their blogging journey… just when they’re about to see the growth on their blogs to make money blogging or drive more traffic…but I am sure that if you follow the tips mentioned above and put some sincere efforts – you easily get your 1,000+ visitors every single day. I promise!


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