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Web host plays quite a crucial role in the healthy functioning of your website. With so many options available in front of us, it has become quite difficult to pick up the best choice for your business website. There are an ample lot of hosting providers present out there that make it feasible for you to accomplish your web goal quickly. Here we have discussed people who are about to create a WordPress site or even if they have created a new WordPress site but haven’t received satisfactory results from their hosting provider.

Several parameters have a significant impact, in defining how suitable is the web hosting service. There are hosting providers such as MaxCDN and Digital Ocean’s VPS. Some plans could cost you around $380 for a month; that depends on the amount of data transferred.

In web hosting, you cannot just have a single size that can be suitable for all kinds of websites. Many people think that the ideal host of ColorLib is quite good for you. Those who are launching their website under a new domain name; may find the costs of setting up expensive and the hardware requirements more than what is needed. Each and every scenario is entirely different. Therefore you need to pay heed to few points that can help you to pick up the right host. The first and the foremost step is to find out the precise requirements.

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What is the requirement of your Website?

To begin with, several questions come forth that are:

Firstly you need to know about the amount of web traffic you are going to receive.

  • What is the growth expectations in the coming months?
  • What is the scalability of the web hosting provider you wish to have?

This totally depends on the answers to your previous question. Another point is that we, of course, require the hosting services to be quite easy for the developers. Know about the kind of support you need.

Get to know about the budget that you have kept for your hosting solution provider. All the above questions mentioned above are the ones that you need to answer before you get to find out the best hosting solution provider required for your WordPress site.

Features you must look for in your Web Host?

1. Speed & Performance

One needs to have a good hardware which is quite essential to make sure to get the quality of service that a web host must render. The memory (RAM), disc space (HDDs & SSDs) and the processing power (CPUs) that are available to you, which play quite a crucial role in picking out the significant performance rendered by your website.

Further, the usage of RAM, as well as CPU entirely, depends on the content that you have on your site as well as the number of visitors that you have. For instance, those who create viral content you get to have the average hosting plan which is rendered to you at quite minimal cost with insufficient efficiency to tackle such heavy traffic.

This will slow down the speed of the website and even at certain occasions they even go offline. Which one can certainly not afford? Moreover, you need to pay heed that the only important thing is not just the disc space, looking at this you will get to know that despite having so many web hosting providers rendering unrestricted disc space.

Along with this, you need to choose a host that helps you to spread your information to your visitors, which means that the transfer speed of your website matters. Make sure to check the load on the CPU, as well as RAM and the space that your disc uses.

If the load on your server is close to the cutoff, then make sure that you upgrade the hosting plan that you have been using. This can be checked from the dashboard of your host.

2. Support

Getting support solely depends on your knowledge about the hosting provider. Those who have good knowledge of the hosting providers need not worry much about the support. This requires you to have quite less support if you know your way around WordPress installation, migration, security, restrictions, caching, and site backups.

However, even if you know everything, there will always be a room of committing mistakes. Therefore, it is advised to opt for a web host that can ensure to render product functions as they are advertised.

3. Uptime

Several web hosting services offer uptimes of about 99.5%. You will get some in the sub 99% region. However, this does not seem much if 0.1% creates an impact. This must not be something that concerns you. The primary concern is that several famous web hosting companies offer quite an excellent uptimes.

Apart from this there are several other things that a Web Host must offer the following things:

BackUp & Recovery – Make sure that your website provides a Backup and recovery if offchance anytime your website gets hacked, then you must be able to restore the website as it was before.

Certain plugins will help the users with client side caching. Certain web hosting companies render caching so as to make sure that render improved speeds. In this in-house caching means caching on the server as well as the client side.

Security Features – Make sure to check the number of times these servers have been hacked, which is quite a good indicator of the security.

Demographic location of your data centre – Make sure that it must be near to the location of your website’s visitors.

Git Version Control – This property is primarily for the developers, and this is something they must be interested.

Built-In CDNs – One can choose the best CDN service which is perhaps the MaxCDN.

These points mentioned above are necessary to opt for the right web host for your website.

Finding the most suitable type of server hosting for your website:

Currently, there are four different types of web hosting providers those who wish to go for WordPress website development and they are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

There can be several methods that are better than others when compared. Along with these already mentioned four hosting types, you get to have free WordPress hosting. However, these services have a catch in them.

For instance, there are hosting servers that will ask the users to add advertisements to your website. There are Free hosting services that are not quite reliable than the paid hosting plan. Those who sincerely wish to create a revenue yielding website, then you can also look for free hosting plans.


Along with this, you can also look for several other web hosting alternatives that can be used for shared as well as managed hosting. So, make sure first to jot down your requirements before actually opting for any web host. Moreover, you need to be very careful if you wish to develop popular revenue website. You may start with WPEngine that which is a very well managed WordPress host.

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