Best Alternative Online Playground Code and Sharing Tools for HTML, CSS and JS

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Online playground coding is an excellent way to help the coders to view the results of their code in a real-time. CSS, HTML, JavaScript codings are typed in separate panes and the result will be displayed in a separate pane. All the coding will come together to display the result.

In this post, we bring you the best online coding playground tools for the instant preview. Use this post to get some idea regarding the online coding playground. We hope this post will give a good idea about online playground coding.


FiddleSalad provides the users to code online. An online playground is a coding environment which will help users to create and share CSS, HTML and javaScript examples.

When you type the coding in the coding box, the live results will be displayed on the same page. If there is any error then the error will be displayed.


Codeply is an editor that will let you run and preview the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Codeply is different from other tools like JSFiddle because it is not only a code editor. Codeply has the advantage of making responsive web design and development easier by enabling framework of your choice. This functionality in codeply helps you to learn the codes easily using the framework of your own choice.

JS Bin

JS Bin is a free online HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor. JS Bin is an open source Javascript debugging tool. Enter the HTML code in one pane and JavaScript in another pane. After coding run the code to preview the result.  Another option is available is that you can share the code using short URL. No need to remember the URL just remember the JS libs from a menu.


Liveweave is a real time or live preview with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor. Liveweave is a wonderful tool for the beginners to test, practice and also to share your codings.  It is an ultimate playground for web designers and also for web developers.

Liveweave is an easier to use. It has a resizable pane. You can also save your weaves in the cloud and download the .zip file. Choose the desired option from the menu that’s it.


Dabblet is an interactive playground for understanding CSS and HTML code. Dabblet is a prefix-free tool so that it is not needed to add any prefix in the coding. The work done by you can be saved in Github gist and can be shared with others.


CSSDeck helps you to code with multiple people in real-time in various modes. You can use CSSDeck with other people to make test cases. CSSDeck has some features like Pre-Processors, JS and CSS Resources, Private Bin, Embedding, Validation, Comments. To avoid vendor prefixes in your CSS code you can select the prefix-free option.


To test your coding in a real-time environment you are in right place. Code reloado enables you to test your HTML, JavaScript, CSS in the real-time preview. You can also add libraries like jQuery, YUI etc… Saving option is also available to avoid the code getting lost.


CodePen is an excellent tool to test something new. CodePen is an online playground for testing and also to share codes like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There will be three separate panels for each. Type the codes in the respective panes and you can able to run and preview the results instantly. All codes will come together and results will be displayed. Your works can be saved and shared with anyone.


Codemagic consists of three pages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You can type your codes in the respective panes. For the respective code, the result will be displayed in real-time. All the three codes will be combined together to give the live result.


CodeExec is the tool which helps to create your own web application. It also enables the users to create and execute code written in CSS, HTML, JavaScript. CodeExec also brings a live preview of results as soon as the code is typed.


Kodtest brings the feature like online coding. Online coding helps you to type and check the results real-time. HTML, CSS, JavaScript playground is a real time editor and helps you in many ways.


Online coding playground will be an excellent tool to edit, preview and share your code. Users can type the code in the respective pane allotted. As soon as the code is the type the results will be displayed real-time. People can also share their works online. We hope this article will help you to know more about online playground coding.

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