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Over many years we are working with different layout structures for different niche based designs. We started this blog for the web developers and design lovers who should get lot of ideas regarding their works from us.

As a developer I will always used to search “different types of niche based web design models for html templates” in google search engines. Similarly many of them in this world may search like what I have did.

So in this, I am going to share my creative design template ideas for niches like blog, magazine, business, e-commerce, portfolios, restaurant and some others.

Also don’t forget, I am not going to share the template, rather I will provide you the .jpg image format for easy understanding the concept of the template. Google loves these type of Designs to rank good in search engines.

First Model for creating Blog Template (Click for Enlarge):


Analyse the given image format.

Step 1: Header Section

        Step1.1: Logo (.png image format)

        Step 1.2: Menu (important categories, about, contact)

Step 2: Content Section

        Step 2.1: Contents needed to display with image, title, byline, excerpt and readmore.

        Step 2.2: Pagination (numbered pagination is good enough)

Step 3: Sidebar Section

        Step 3.1: Email Subscription (email and subscribe button)

        Step 3.2: Follow us on (facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, instagram, rss, etc.)

        Step 3.3: Search the site

        Step 3.4: Popular Posts (based on top comments is good enough)

Step 4: Footer

        Step 4.1: Footer Menus (sitemaps, advertise, disclaimer, Privacy Policy)

        Step 4.2: Copyrights

Start designing your Front page using image format:

If you have good knowledge in HTML and CSS, you can start designing corresponding to the image format attached or else contact us to design the same model for your site. We are good in developing HTML TEMPLATES (Coming Soon), WORDPRESS THEMES (Coming Soon), THESIS FRAMEWORKS and GENESIS FRAMEWORKS.

Please free to contact or comment below if you need any front page design models.

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Ruban Silva

I've been working on Web since 2011, loves to help others providing Web Design Resources. My other skills are Word press Development (under varies niches), Thesis Skin Development, Genesis Child Theme Development and SEO.

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