Why Submit your Sitemap to the Google Search Console?

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Have you ever wondered, why you ought to submit your sitemap to Google and the other search engines, or if it is really worth doing? If you are confused with these questions don’t worry because when you come down with me on this page you will make up your mind as your questions get answered and justified.

To see success in your blogging career it really takes one’s breath out to create a decent ORGANIC traffic which means the traffic which gets into your blog through search engines like Google.

If you are a newbie you must be familiar with the tools in the Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Web Master-GWT). Ah …that’s a great tool offered to you by the Google itself as a freebie, helping bloggers and webmasters to get their blog or website indexed by the Google.

Before we get into what all these stuff mean, we should get to know what a sitemap is.

A Sitemap is an XML file of the pages on your website. Submitting a Sitemap helps the search engines to know about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be evident by normal crawling process.

Submitting your sitemap to the Google Search Console is a ‘decisive setup quota’ of your website. But working it out is simple. The only thing you are doing here is helping Google to find your blog.


I am sure you have a lot of questions dumped in your mind about why a site should or shouldn’t submit their sitemap to Google’s Search Console. So let’s have a discussion with all the possible questions that could be on your mind that I have predicted.

# 1. Will submitting a sitemap help your rankings?

Submitting a sitemap to Google has nothing to do with the rankings, because being ranked and being indexed are like chalk and cheese. You get ranked only by the stuffy and potential content you post, the inbound links, and composing well formulated and well Search Engine Optimised pages.

# 2. Will submitting a Sitemap help you get indexed automatically?

No! You won’t get it done automatically because even Google says: “submitting a Sitemap does not guarantee indexing”

# 3. Will submitting a Sitemap help Google crawl your site?

The crawl rate and crawl frequency will be purely based on  the coding, page size, inbound links and the page rank and not on the URL s submitted  or the URLs indexed.


  1. Some parts of the website are not accessible through the browsing interface.
  2. The webmasters are using rich Ajax, Silverlight or Flash content that cannot be normally processed by search engines.
  3. The site is too large and sometimes there might be chances for the crawlers to skip some new or recently updated content.
  4. When the site has got more number of pages that are not linked together or isolated.
  5. When the website has only a few external links.

Hope I made things clear about what are the situations that would make you submit your sitemap.

Now as you have known things about what and what not a sitemap is meant for let me end the note telling about when to submit your sitemap to Google.

My opinion is that the right time to submit your sitemap to Google is when you rank within the top 5% of the web for total pages or when you have a consistent increase in the figure of your indexed pages.

Hope you have understood your stand and made up your mind whether or not to submit your sitemap to the Google?

Always keep in mind that

If you are not constructing sites that can be crawled and indexed you are not doing justice to your online merchandise.

If you have anything more to discuss or tell about this feel free to pen down in my comments box. Your opinions are always welcome!!

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