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While WordPress offers a world of goodies to bloggers & businesses, the ‘Search’ isn’t something at which WordPress excels. Most of the times when you key-in a search request, the default WordPress search engine will frequently return irrelevant blog posts, and posts and pages that were published years ago.

Moreover the search option on WordPress neither allows visitors to narrow their search down to specific categories or keywords, or view highlighted terms in search results. Users will also not be able to narrow down searches to specific items, such as posts, pages, comments and/or custom post types.

Therefore the task of offering a search option to give your audience a means of finding the specific types of content you offer that are relevant to them falls on the plugin. Here we take a look at 6 of the Best Free Search Plugins for WordPress.

1.Ajax Search Lite

Ajax Search Lite

Demo & Download

Ajax Search Lite is one of the most favoured Ajax powered user friendly plugins available in the Free Plugin market. It offers the option of live search for your WordPress site. It shows up with a user friendly ajax powered search form – an ajax live search.
Searches can be further narrowed down by filtering with the category and post type filter boxes as well. Google auto-complete and keyword suggestions also included.

Ajax Search Lite Main Features

  • Search in posts and pages
  • Search in custom post types
  • Search in title, description, excerpt and custom fields
  • Custom Filter boxes (checkbox filters) for categories and post types
  • WPML and Qtranslate compatible
  • 8 built in templates
  • Retina ready vectorized SVG and CSS3 icons
  • Category and post exclusions
  • Frontend search settings boxes
  • Images in search results
  • Fully ajax powered
  • 40+ options on the backend
  • Caches images for faster response time
  • Google analytics integration

2. SearchWP Live Ajax search

SearchWP Live Ajax Search

Demo & Download

SearchWP Live Search employs an AJAX search, allowing you to see search results without needing to redirect to a results page. It is very versatile and has been designed to work with any theme and any SearchWP configuration.
SearchWP Live Search is customizable and the search engine can be altered by setting the dataswp engine attribute on your input field to match the search engine name you would like to use. SearchWP Live Search plugin has a minimalist and functional design & works seamlessly across all devices, desktop and mobile.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search main Features

  • PDF and Office Document Indexing
  • Index the content of PDF, Office, and text documents in your WordPress Media library.
  • Automatic Integration, No Coding
  • SearchWP’s default engine uses your existing WordPress native search forms and results template.
  • Multiple Search Engines – Create individual search engines, each with their own settings to meet your needs.
  • Keyword Stemming – Show better results by using keyword stems instead of exact term matches.
  • Search Everything – Search your product details, Custom Fields content, Shortcode output, and more!
  • Exclude or Attribute Results – Easily exclude content from search results, or attribute findings to more appropriate results.
  • Search Statistics and Insights – Log searches to find out what your visitors are searching for and (not?) finding.
  • Advanced Custom Fields Support – Stop ignoring content stored in Advanced Custom Fields when searching your site.

3.Daves WP Search

Dave s WordPress Live Search

Demo & Download

This WordPress Live Search plugin, Daves WP Search is surprisingly fast and queries the WordPress database while visitors are typing search words. As soon as the user start to key in the letters, it displays a sorted list of posts that match the results of the words as they’re being typed and the search results are continually refined as the visitor continues typing.

Daves WP Search requires JavaScript, which is almost universally available to all visitors, no matter what browser they’re using. When JavaScript isn’t available, the search functionality will work as it did prior to the installation of the plugin.

Dave’s WP Search main Features

  • Performs live searches on all search queries.
  • Search box works even if JavaScript is unavailable.
  • Compatible with xLanguage and WPML plugins for a multilingual search experience.

4.WP Search Live

WP Live Search

Demo & Download

WP Live Search (beta) also works the same way as the aforementioned plugins. WP Search live plugin for WordPress returns results as the user keys in what they are looking.

With WP Search live WordPress users can also narrow down their searches to support posts, pages, post types, including multiple post types, and design modes.

WP Search Live main Features

  • WP Search live’s can be integrated to your WP site with minimal fuss.
  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Search in posts and pages
  • Search in custom post types
  • Search in title, description, excerpt and custom fields
  • Custom Filter boxes (checkbox filters) for categories and post types
  • Frontend search settings boxes
  • Images in search results

5.Ajaxy Live Search Plugin

Ajaxy Live Search Plugin

Demo & Download

Ajaxy Live Search is another WordPress plugin to boosting users to find content on your site which otherwise is not possible on WordPress. Users can search for the content without leaving the page Ajaxy Live Search uses ajax and jQuery to get results from php and also has the option to show post thumbnails in search.
Like a few other Live Searches, Ajaxy Live Search begins to throw up continuously changing result along as you key in the letters of the words you are searching for. The result appear in a dropdown list with related categories and tags. Moreover it can be added to any widgetized area such as sidebar,footer etc.

Ajaxy Live Search main Features

  • Great way to offer easy and attractive search to your website readers
  • Show thumbnails in search and adjust the size of thumbnail with plugin panel
  • Search engine is most accurate and display best possible results as top 10 results
  • Show categories and tags related to search word
  • Readymade color schemes for your search result list
  • Add your custom CSS to search widget
  • You can adjust the width of search box and you can also set the expandable width
  • Customize available templates

6.Ajax search Pro

Ajax Search Pro

Demo & Download

The USP of Ajax Search Pro is its quick and precise result delivery, in real-time. A unique, custom built search script can be tucked in for more accurate and faster results.

Ajax Search Pro offers more than 400 options for customization making it one of the most flexible plugins useable to your exact needs which require no coding.

Images if any too show up in the search results for the Keyword. Another advantage of Ajax Search Pro it works fine on mobile devices, Android or IOS powered.

The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories), users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.

Ajax Search Pro main Featrures

  • New category and taxonomy term filter options
  • New grouping options
  • Search box alignment option
  • ASP_Query wrapper class to use as search API
  • User related exclusions
  • Date custom field filter now supports timestapm and MySQL datetime formats
  • Post type filters re-worked: supporing drop-down and radio layout mode

In the end

Onsite Search on WordPress is vital now for providing a smooth user experience and keeping visitors on your website longer. Visitor to your page won’t stay long if they do not find what they are looking for; in every case, they are very likely hit the back button and leave your website.

While some would be willing to spend on this to deliver a better user experience, some people will still want to avoid laying down cash. So it is good to choose from this list of Free & Paid search plugins for WordPress, which are some of the best available in the market today.

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