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Bestwebegg introduces the first WordPress Plugin WP 3 IN 1 today absolutely free for the wordpress users. Why we choosed Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Random Posts as WP 3 IN 1? While browsing around the web, maximum numbers of website widgets are covered with Latest News and Popular Posts. So, we planned to choose this plugin covering all the three famous posts.
Demo Download Plugin

How to use this plugin?

STEP 1: Just download the plugin and install in wp-admin -> Appearance -> Plugins -> Upload Plugin -> wp3in1.zip

STEP 2: Activate it and go to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Drag and Drop WP 3 in 1 from the available widgets to the relevant widget area to appear in your relevant area.

STEP 3: Change the title of the widget name. By default, it was set to Recent Posts. You can change it to Popular Posts or Random posts depending upon choosing the Post Activity.

STEP 4: Choose the Post Count.

STEP 5: When you check the demo you will find the first post with full width featured image size and remaining posts with thumbnail image size. So you can change your own image size for both Top Featured Image and Bottom Featured Image.

STEP 6: That’s it. Now if you check the Front end of your website, you can see a clean and beautiful working functionality of WP 3 IN 1 Plugin.


Widget Area

Light Weight Code:

A very light weight code is applied through out the plugin for displaying latest posts, popular posts and random posts. Also we have focused this plugin for WordPress Beginners who loves to learn the plugin concept. When you check out the plugin code, you might know that. But be sure you know some basic things about developing plugins.



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