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WordPress backup creation is the best and popular way of managing websites and having control over blog. Though hackers on one hand keeps on trying to hack or delete or alter our websites without our knowledge, developers on other hand provide us with various wordpress for relieving from great tensions.

WordPress provides us security on data. It preserves our websites from being hacked, loss of data by deleting information accidentally which puts us in embarrassing situations that we need to start from the beginning.

The basic process behind the wordpress is taking backup of all the informations related to our websites on a separate hard drive other than maindrive. If main drive fails then we no need to worry that you lost your data. Yeah…you are having copy of yours. In short, WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS).



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Among the various plugins, Updraft plus is in leading position. Using this, Scheduled backups can be created and can be stored in our desired location. Backups can be done either manually or can be scheduled. Automatic backups and faster restoring of both file and databases are some additional features. Backup can be done to S3,  Dropbox, Google drive, FTP, Email etc., Though beginners feels difficult to locate the options they need, it still has great demand.



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Creating different schedules for databases and files and complete backup with auto scheduling are the main specifications of wordpress. But the darker side of this is that we need to purchase this plugin for storing the backups to a cloud storage device as the free version does not allow doing so. It will work on both Linux and Windows. For quicker backups, mysqldump and zip can be used. It provides us with an option of receiving backup files via email. It will work on shared host as well as it needs less memory.



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Backup can be done easily from website to dropbox and also we can choose time when we need to backup and can select location for storing. We can easily backup to a dropbox. We can also set how frequently we need backup to be perfomed.



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XCloner plugin can backup and restore both the databases and files fully.



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For wordpress, It is the premium plugin. Possibilities of easy schedule (Daily, Weekly, or monthly) and store them in a Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace cloud, FTP, Stash, and Email. Its positive face is that it is not based on subscription. Need to get license to use it on sites. It provides access to premium support forums, updates and cloud storage of memory 1GB.

Final Thoughts:

In this article we just conveyed you the specifications of 5 plugins. We hope this article will be helpful for you to guide when you are in confusion on choosing plugins. Article also reveals that wordpress thus nowadays playing a vital role in using, creating and maintaining blog without fear.I hope this article provides knowledge on top 5 wordpress plugins. Various plugins and its specifications are described shortly for your glance.

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