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In this post, we bring out some WordPress tips and tricks on images and SVGs.  Tricks like Compressing images without reducing the quality, adding video thumbnails in WordPress, SEO tips in Image Optimization and adding SVG images in WordPress without using code are discussed in this article.

This kind of tips and tricks will boost the website rank also. Loading speed can be made very easy because of image compression.  Also, Beginners in WordPress industry can get a clear idea on the importance of images in the article.

Why we choose this article? The image is the main Keytool for every article and without any doubt, they play more engage with the audience to elaborate the readability. So we chose it and you are now ready to go.

Trick 1 – Image Compression:

Tinypng is an excellent compression tool for reducing the size of the images. Images will take more time to load on the site if the size is large. To make the loading fast reducing the size of the image is required. Even if the image size is reduced the quality of the image will not change.

Tinypng uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size. We are going to show you an example on how the high-quality image compressed without losing the quality using Tinypng. An example is given below, the left image is the original one and its size is 57kb. The right image is the compressed image of 15kb with the same quality.

Image Compression

Trick 2 -Add Featured Video Thumbnail In WordPress:

In WordPress, we can add featured image with a post, but there is no option to add video as a featured image. If you love to show your Video thumbnail as your Featured Image, there is a plugin called Featured Video plus. Featured video plus is a plugin which helps to add video thumbnail.

First install the featured video plus plugin in WordPress. Then activate the plugin and open post edit screen by creating a new post else edit an existing one. Now you can see a featured video box at the top right side of the post screen, then all you need is to paste the video URL. That’s it. See the screenshot below.

Featured Video Plus Edit

The plugin will automatically fetch and display the video preview in the box. The featured image will be replaced by the featured video.

Featured Video plus Output

Trick 3 – Optimize Image For Good Ranking in google:

Images play a vital role in traffic. Image optimization is required to reduce the loading time for a web page. For a fast loading page with a lot of images, the image should be optimized. For a better search engine ranking the following methods needs to be carried out.

  1. Image Optimization for Good Ranking: Alt Text
  2. Image Optimization for Good Ranking: File Size
  3. Image Optimization for Good Ranking: File Name
  4. Image Optimization for Good Ranking: Captions

1. Image Optimization Good Ranking: Alt Text

Alt text is nothing but, the text that the search engine uses to understand what the image was. To include, add alt=”Your title” to the image tag.

 Here is an example:

 <img src = "google-adsense.jpg" alt ="Google Approves Adsense without any restriction">

2. Image Optimization Good Ranking: File Size

To reduce the file size of an image some tools like Optimizilla, Image optimizer are used. The file optimization will help to load the page without any delay.

3. Image Optimization Good Ranking: File Name

When you upload the image, choose a file name which is familiar one to all. That file name will help to increase the ranking in the search engine. Usually, the ranked image will be the keyword you searched for the file name.

4. Image Optimization Good Ranking: Captions

Image Caption plays a vital role in search engine rankings. Here we use the term bounce rate. Bounce rate is nothing but the maximum number of time the users scrolls the page. Higher the time’s users scroll the page the bounce rate decreases so that the search engine rank increases.

For example, if a particular user searches for a term, clicks on a page and return back to the search page again quickly will slow the ranking of the search engine. The maximum number of times the user views the page will increase the search engine rank.

So, for better bouncing rate here is a trick adding Caption to the image which allows the user to see what the image focused on and it allows users to read the passage what you wrote for that particular image. Here is a tricky example.

Image Caption

Trick 4 – Adding SVG images in media’s without Coding Knowledge

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG images are widely used in webs nowadays. SVG images are nothing but a vector image. These kinds of images are scalable and more flexible. If the size of the image is changed, there will be no change in the quality of the image.

SVG images are far different from other image formats like png, jpeg. When you try to upload an SVG image in the WordPress media, you will not able to upload. An error message will be displayed like given below.

SVG upload error File type is not permitted for security reason

To solve this issue there are codes available in the internet market. A normal programmer knows the coding but the new users won’t be aware of it. So, there is a plugin called “SVG support plugin” which will help you to upload SVG images in the WordPress without any problem. Just open WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> install “SVG support plugin” and now you are done.

So, comment below if you have any queries and please share it.


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